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Home of the Japanese Candlestick Posters – Introduction

“Welcome to Our Site”- a message from the designer

“When I began learning Japanese Candlestick Patterns I discovered there are vast resources available to learn and understand this extremely useful and popular method of technical analysis charting. However, when I was on my computer with my trade terminal open and watching the charts develop, I often wanted a reference to explain the candlestick symbols I was seeing. I did not want to sacrifice screen space or switch between applications to refer to a web site. Looking up the table of contents in a book wasn’t quick enough for my fast paced trading. I wanted a reference to help me understand the symbols I was seeing on my charts and I wanted that reference visually quick- a simple indication of what the symbol was. When I couldn’t find something that fulfilled that need, I decided to create my own. One thing led to another and the end results are so satisfying that I have decided to share them with you.
I introduce to you our Japanese Candlestick Pattern Posters.
I hope you find our creations as enjoyable and useful as we have.”

Who Are We?

ezCandlesticks.com has been the joint adventure of Austin and Lisa. We have put hundreds of hours into creating our posters and this site. Our goal is to provide a unique approach to learning Japanese candlesticks. We have strived to create a functional, attractive web site without the hyped up “car lot” attitude that so many sites seem to have. We aren’t promising miracles, just a few great posters. 🙂
Austin was the idea man and designer of the database, posters and web site. Lisa has assisted in the research and data entry, not to mention making 100’s of those little symbol pictures. She made everyone of ours from scratch one pixel at a time! We also compiled the descriptions in our own words using literally dozens of sources as reference. We currently have over 100 symbols with detailed descriptions in our database. It really has been a full-time effort. However, when we see our posters on this site and know that people find them useful and appealing, it is a good feeling and well worth it. Thanks for stopping by!

We truly welcome comments and feedback. Just hop over to our Contact Page and drop us a line.