omplete list of symbols on our posters

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How many symbols (candles) in pattern: 1
Appears On Poster #GPC-PB-101-1
20 Symbols Total

Belt Hold, Bearish
Belt Hold, Bullish
Doji, Dragonfly
Doji, Four Price
Doji, Gravestone
Doji, Rickshaw Man
Hanging Man
High Wave
Inverted Hammer
Long Candle
Marubozu, Closing
Marubozu, Opening
Rain Drop
Shooting Star
Short Candle
Spinning Top

How many symbols (candles) in pattern: 2
Appears On Poster #GPC-PB-102-1
32 Symbols Total

Above The Stomach
Below The Stomach
Dark Cloud Cover
Descending Hawk
Doji Star, Bearish
Doji Star, Bullish
Engulfing Pattern, Bearish
Engulfing Pattern, Bullish
Harami, Bearish
Harami, Bullish
Harami Cross, Bearish
Harami Cross, Bullish
Homing Pigeon
In Neck (Line), Bearish
In Neck (Line), Bullish
Kicker, Bearish
Kicker, Bullish
Matching High
Matching Low
Meeting Lines, Bearish
Meeting Lines, Bullish
On Neck (Line), Bearish
On Neck (Line), Bullish
One Black Crow
One White Soldier
Piercing Line
Separating Lines, Bearish
Separating Lines, Bullish
Thrusting, Bearish
Thrusting, Bullish
Tweezer Bottom
Tweezer Top

How many symbols (candles) in pattern: 3
Appears On Poster #GPC-PB-103-1
20 Symbols Total

Abandoned Baby, Bearish
Abandoned Baby, Bullish
Advance Block
Deliberation, Bearish
Deliberation, Bullish
Descent Block
Downside Gap Three Methods
Downside Gap Two Rabbits
Downside Tasuki Gap
Evening Star
Evening Star, Doji
Morning Star
Morning Star, Doji
Rest After Battle
Side By Side Black Lines, Bearish
Side By Side Black Lines, Bullish
Side by Side White Lines, Bearish
Side by Side White Lines, Bullish
Squeeze Alert, Bearish
Squeeze Alert, Bullish

How many symbols (candles) in pattern: 3
Appears On Poster #GPC-PB-103-2
20 Symbols Total

Stick Sandwich, Bearish
Stick Sandwich, Bullish
Three Black Crows
Three Identical Crows
Three Inside Down
Three Inside Up
Three Outside Down
Three Outside Up
Three Stars In The North
Three Stars In The South
Three White Soldiers
Tri Star, Bearish
Tri Star, Bullish
Two Crows
Two Rabbits
Unique Three Mountain Top
Unique Three River Bottom
Upside Gap Three Methods
Upside Gap Two Crows
Upside Tasuki Gap