Want a Daily Definition Delivered Directly to You – Free?

We offer several choices:

  1. You can go grab our Google Gadget, which will pull down a daily definition and format it nicely for you.
  2. You can get our SpringWidgets reader, it also can sit on your desktop. In addition, it has many other ways you can grab it, including iGoogle and MySpace!
  3. You can subscribe to our feed directly. Click the FeedBurner banner below and the page it lands you on will give you options.
  4. You can subscribe to Japanese Candlestick Definition of the Day by Email.
  5. You can directly enter our feed URL into any reader of your choice.

There are currently 92 entries in our database, and I’ll probably add more before they have all cycled through. This database is part of our Lounge infrastructure.

We hope you enjoy this free service!

Special Note to Webmasters: Our Feed can be a value add to your site, but please contact us before using it on your site. I would like to know how you will be presenting it and I’d like to review your site as well. Start using it without permission, and you risk having your domain blocked.