Color Codes

EzCandlesticks Original Quick Reference Color-Coded System

The idea is simple: “To be able to tell at a glance what trend a symbol or pattern is indicating.”
Of course it’s good to learn the names and technical details of each pattern, but there is a lot to learn! Especially for the beginner, this can be an obstacle for making quick, accurate decisions. And that can make the difference between a profit or a loss.

The solution we came up with is our original quick-reference color-coded system. Each pattern is outlined in a color, and the color indicates the trend. It couldn’t be more simple.


Neutral is the name we assigned to symbols that are not a pattern themselves but are part of patterns. An example would be Long Candle. There are only a few of these. We included them because we felt it was important to learn to recognize them as well.

We have applied this color scheme to practically every item we have.
Keep one of our products, such as our Ultimate Mouse Pad, close by. As you see the symbols appear on your chart, a glance at our product and you’ll know the direction of the trend that is developing. You don’t even have to remember the pattern’s name!

Give it a try. You’ll see it works.